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The situration she put them into was great. After this story I might try some of her other books. Kelley Armstrong's story was the reason I got the book in the first place. I am a big fan of her Otherwold series, and this story did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the banter between Hope and Karl. Lori Handeland's story was entertaing. The characters were interesting enough and engaging enough, but I has not inspired me to want to read more from her. Gives insight into her and Kisten's relationship that is continually hinted at in the books.

Heads-up, it was Ivy, not Kist that did it, so that explains her reaction after that whole mess came to light. At least it didn't for me. I just can't relate to her. Given how well Harrison consistently gives depth to her characters, I take full responsibility for this one. Ivy has lots of depth. I just have absolutely nothing in common with her. Oh well. There are plenty of other fabulous characters for me to love in The Hollows. And I do. Chaotic WotO 5. Hope Adams is a half-demon and journalist on a date at the museum. What started as a very boring blind date, turns into a huge mess when her powers alert her that something bad is happening in the museum But what a sad story Chaotic WotO 5.

But what a sad story it is I hate Piscary even more after reading it. I really hope Ivy and Kisten will be able to break away from his influence! Nov 13, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: kelley-armstrong , multiple-author , lynsay-sands , sexy , , paranormal , kim-harrison. I like these books with multiple authors as they let you dip your feet into new pools without much commitment. I have since read many Kelley Armstrong and Kim Harrison books and have a pile of Lyndsay Sands waiting for me to read.

I wouldn't mind reading Lori Handeland books too. I need to see what else she has written and put her on my list. Anyway - I really enjoyed this book and am tempted to read it again now that I have read quite a few of the Kelley Armstrong Women of the Otherworld books. Jan 22, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: kick-ass-ladies , kim-harrison , urban-fantasy. Good start:. Jul 22, Audrey rated it liked it.

Hollows 2. So now I know how Hopes and Karl met. Feb 16, Beth The Vampire rated it liked it Shelves: in-betweens , anthologies , paranormal , urban-fantasy. This anthology contains four short stories, so I will be rating each individually and then taking the average for the overall rating. This short story appears to make more sense if you are actually familiar with the story, mainly to just make the whole world a bit more understandable, as well as the vampire lore.

There are living and undead vampires, and while this short story tries to make the distinction clear for the uninitiated, the reader would definitely benefit from reading at least the first two books in the series first. I enjoyed it, although short, and thought that it gave some great insight into Ivy.

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So this story focuses around Claire, who is a lab assistant, and she is purposefully given an experimental dose of radiation or something that gives her the ability to shift shape. So what better way to use it than to change into the shape of an a-list movie star and take your best friend to her school reunion to get back at her ex-boyfriend and the girl that was a bitch to her in high school.

If I was Claire I would be too busy freaking out, wondering if there was going to be any damage done, and how to stop it, rather than going out on a date with her incredibly selfish friend. It was not well written, and very bland. But at least we got back at that head cheerleader bitch. Chaotic — Kelley Armstrong — 4 stars This is how you write a short story! This story had a compelling plot, interesting characters, blood and gore, sex, and, most importantly, chaos. Hope works or thinks she works for the Interracial council, and she also happens to be a half demon with a very special talent; she can detect chaos.

So Hope is on a date with a boring, self-absorbed guy, and they end up at a museum fundraiser where Hope just happens to spy a robbery taking place by the very handsome Karl Marsden. Following her nose for chaos, she manages to apprehend him, but nothing is at it seems, for Hope is in the middle of a personal vendetta between Marsden and her boss, and she just happens to be collateral damage.

I love the idea that Hope is able to detect traces of chaos and follow them, and this is how she detects that Marsden is a supernatural like her, but not just any supernatural; a werewolf. There are references to characters from The Women Of The Otherworld series, with the cabals playing a role towards the end.

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I would not recommend reading this story unless you had an understanding of the wider world the author is playing with here. The writing is superb, simple and yet engaging, the description fantastic, and the story is compelling and satisfying. I know that the readers meet up with Hope again in upcoming books in the Otherworld series, and I look forward to getting to know Hope a little bit more and to see what happened to her life after Karl Marsden decided to storm into it.

Dead Man Dating - Lori Handeland - 3. Kit is a publisher who decides that she is tired of being alone and goes on a dating site, and that is where she meets Eric. On their very first date he tries to kill her, but she is saved by Chavez, the mysterious demon hunter. Finding it hard to believe that there are actually demons in her world, why this one in particular wants her, Kit works with Chavez to find what this demon is, why they can't kill it, and what makes her so special.

This story ends up delving into demonic possession, the spirit world, satan himself, and the upcoming apocalypse. When the novel started out it just seemed to be another simple story about a simple girl and a bunch of attractive men, but it ended up being more than that. The writing was actually really good, and it was different to the other stories in that there was a lot more dialogue.

The characters of Kit and Chavez were both really well done, despite the fact that this was a shorter story than the others in this collection. Even the minor characters who were only in a chapter or two were really intriguing and well used. I kind of wanted to see what would happen afterwards, but I like where it left off. I think this was the second best story in the anthology and since I haven't read anything by Lori Handeland before, I am actually interested to read some of her novels.

It's mild on sex but not on innuendo, varying degrees of romance. Kim Harrison's story is loaded with information about Ivy Tamwood, and though I haven't read the Hallows series, I doubt you learn a great deal more about Ivy while reading this. Lynsay Sands story is humors and light, without being fluffy and offers a sweet romance. Kelly Armstrong takes you through a wild night with a magnetic were and an intriguing half demon who I hope I get to meet again later in her Otherworld series.

And Lori Handeland's warns readers about dating the undead. All good stories but the Harrison story is likely more fun if you're already a Hallows fan. I get the sexual tension in bucketloads, I get that somehow she's very messed up, but it was so menacing that I couldn't be sure if I should hate or like Ivy, Art, Piscary or Kisten.

They seemed very bad to and for one another. I read Holidays are Hell , my only other exposure to the Hallows so I'm quite clueless, and remain so. Although I'm intrigued by these stories I don't think they'll have enough of what I like to read generous amounts of romance to sustain me through an 11 books series, which is the conclusion I came to after reading Rachel Morgan's origins in the above mentioned anthology. In respect to this story though it absolutely fits the book title. I read Jill's short story from Holidays are Hell first, which is out of order, and I didn't care for it.

It was just a bit too goofy but I don't think you need to have read this one first to understand it -- though but I'd recommend it. This story was just a perfect mix of paranormal, romance, wit and a great premise. Claire and Kyle are very likeable scientist who work together in a lab. Jill is Kyle's twin and Claire's best friend. When Claire is hit by a molecular destabilizing beam, that has previous turned test animals to goo or allowed them to camouflage themselves, she and Jill discover her shape shifting abilities and decide to make use of them at their high school reunion.

Jill has just been dumped so she begs Claire to masquerade as Hollywood celeb Brad Cruise and be her date. Claire reluctantly agrees. Then Kyle asks her to be his date too and she can't say no to the man she's had a crush on since age So she plans to spend the evening shifting back and forth. It's a lot of fun and packed with surprises. Kyle's news at the end was a surprise, even though I knew already from Jill's story, and the epilogue was really cute.

Great little story. This story offers some wonderful moments between a hero and heroine who definitely have an attraction but don't actually take it to the next level. Ugh, I so wanted it to go to that next level. It reminded me of when I read Bitten. There were some amazing scenes between the hero and heroine. I'm talking butterflies in the belly, jaw dropping, tingly all over scenes and I loved them so, so much that I was disappointed when they were interrupted or not as frequent as I hoped.

I just wanted page after page of the couple, who needed a plot. But Armstrong has a such a talent for writing clever, enchanting and charming characters who stay with you long after a book is finished and she backs it up with abundant plot. Whether in YA or more adult oriented fiction, she's simply one of the best at this. In this story we meet werewolf Karl Marsten, who is a character from Bitten, but I don't remember him. It's been many moons since I read the book though. This little story about Karl and Hope escaping a vengeful rogue wizard was good but the couples magnetism decided me on starting up the Women of the Otherworld series again.

I had stopped simply because, like the Hallows series, I didn't think the romance would sustain me through more than a dozen books. I need romance and a good bit of it but I am reminded just how good Kelly is at not only creating these compelling worlds but writing gripping plots and deliciously enticing characters. Kit knows she's short and dumpy and while not a ugly, she's no one's bombshell.

So she assumes Eric has either outgrown all men's desire to 'bang supermodels' or he lives by the awful saying "all women being the same in the dark. Almost instantly, Kit feels connected to Eric, like he's the One. She even agrees to take him back to her apartment within minutes. They barely even make it to the alley before he's trying to undress her and she's oddly willing, well until Chavez shows up and shoots her date in the head. I couldn't wait to see where this story would go. Chavez is enigmatic and the kind of hero I'd love to read more about. Kit is spunky and sarcastic and was a lot of fun.

I had a difficult gauging Chavez's emotions and reactions a few times and I think it's because he was simply so mysterious. I kept trying to remember to read Kit's dialogue with sarcasm and when I didn't I felt a little unsure about her reactions as well. But the overall story, some of the small details and the attraction were really great stuff. The last few pages were a bit rushed and dramatic but a lot of stories end that way.

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I was hopeful from the beginning that this one would be great and it ended up being good. I was happy enough and was glad to meet Chavez. Apr 08, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: anthologies , urban-fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

True Stories From the Front

To view it, click here. The story follows Ivy Tamwood who works for some kind of paranormal cops. I just got the idea that she was a cop of some sort, because they went to look at a dead body and there was some investigation kind of vibes going on over it. Anyway, whenever Ivy started explaining blood lust I started to loose interest.

I really dislike this device that some paranormal writers use. For me it takes something away from the story when the characters are going nuts and wanting to screw random people just because of this weird ass paranormal thing that makes them randy. The one character that I was interested in never even showed up, Ivy just kept dropping random facts about this head honcho vampire into our laps throughout the entire story and he never showed. After Kyle goes out to get something from the store Claire discovers that she can morph her whole body to resemble anyone she wants.

Chaotic by Kelley Armstrong was next in line. Aside from being a tabloid journalist, Hope also moonlights as a kind of supernatural bounty hunter for an organization. While at a museum galla Hope starts sensing something strange coming from one of the closed exhibits in the museum.

So, she just decides to trot over to the place where the weird paranormal vibes are coming from. Anyway, stuff happens and Karl and Hope end up being thrown together running all over the museum and other places. Instead she wraps things up a little ambiguously which is great for leading into Hope's book Personal Demon. Dead Man Dating by Lori Handeland is last in the line up. From the title I was expecting another brooding vampire searching for his soul mate story.

Everything wrapped up pretty tightly in the story and I really liked that. Mar 25, OpenBookSociety. Review brought to you by OBS Staff member Heidi Beware of spoilers Dates From Hell is an anthology, of four different stories filled with hellish dates, as the title implies. She is horrified to see who she was partnered with, a witch, of all things. I thought it was OK…not great, but not horrible either. They have been testing out a destabilizer that makes whatever is shot with it have chameleon characteristics…where they can blend into their background.

So far, they have been testing it on animals only. But the other guy working with them, John, has been getting impatient and wanting to test on humans.

So, when he finds an opportunity to push the human testing ahead, he does. He tricks Claire to get in front of the laser beam at just the right moment and it eventually knocks her unconscious. She wakes up to Kyle tending to her. Kyle insists that she comes home with him for the weekend, so he can make sure there are no ill effects from the destabilizer. Both Jill and Kyle ask Claire to go to their school reunion with them. Kyle not knowing of her new abilities, wants her to go as herself and Jill wants her to go as a male movie star to make her look good.

She agrees to both and spends the night changing between the two dates. This story was another one that was just mediocre to me…cute, but not amazing. She was thankful when fellow half-demon, Tristan, took her under his wing. He sets her up in a job using her skills catching criminals and working on a paper, both jobs for the interracial council, whose goal is to protect and police all supernatural creatures.

Hope got tickets to a gala at the museum from Tristan and went with a date that bored her. Shortly after being there for a while she realizes that she had been thrown into a job, catching Karl Mateson, a werewolf, and thief. After Tristan arrives and gets into a confrontation with Mateson, Hope discovers that everything Tristan has told her is a lie. As for catching Mateson? Now Mateson and Hope have to work together to escape the museum alive.

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I read this story all at once and it left me wanting more. She finds herself acting very much outside of her norm, the sexual tension between them is high. He suggests them going to her place and she agrees. Instead, he leans her up against a wall in an alley to have his way with her. She tells him no, but he keeps going.

The man watching them, Chavez, takes exception to Eric not stopping. Imagine taking vacations with such a person? Half-expecting them to drown you somehow whenever you go scuba diving, or maybe push you off a cliff if you go rock climbing? Life would be no fun if you had to sleep with one eye open all the time. Imagine that? The reason we give for calling off the date might be a little white lie, like if you use the excuse that you suddenly came down with something, or your great aunt Gertie died and of course you have no great aunt Gertie.

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Fielding over four hundred responses on a given day, and receiving more than fifty-two thousand hits on her personal ad in an eight-month span, Ventker shares her frightening but true dating encounters in the wonderful world of online dating. Follow Ventker through the trials and tribulations of her quest to find "Mr. Along the path, Trisha Ventker endures hundreds of first dates. Encounters include a conspiracy theorist living in the United Kingdom, a religious fanatic from Texas, a sadomasochistic psychiatrist, and even a pre-op transsexual, to name a few.

Ventker's brutally honest memoir lets you step inside her shoes and experience her exciting journey firsthand. About the Author. Customer Reviews.